Jötunheim is the world of the giants (of two types: Rock and Ice, collectively called jötnar, singular jötunn) in Norse mythology. From there they threaten the humans of Midgard and the gods of Asgard, from which they are separated by the river Iving. The main city of Jötunheim is Utgard.

Gastropnir, home of Menglad, and Þrymheim, home of Þjazi, were located in Jötunheim, which was ruled by King Þrymr. Glæsisvellir was the place within Jötunheim where the giant Gudmund, father of Höfund, lived.

Jotunheim in popular Culture

Jotunheimen is the name of a large mountain range in Norway. Its highest peak is Galdhøpiggen (2,469 meters), being the highest mountain in Scandinavia.

Jotunheim is also the name of a song by the Finnish Pagan metal band Moonsorrow.

There is a reference in a song by the symphonic metal band Therion from the album Secret of the Runes, the song bears the same name.

A fortress in the fictional country of Qurac is called Jötunheim, since according to legend only giants could have built it.

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