Collection: All Viking Rings

Collection: All Viking Rings


Jewelry has been an important part of human culture since ancient times. This was no different in ancient and medieval times. Vikings are known to have loved wearing rings, not only to enhance their appearance, but also to invoke the help of their gods.

Regardless of their occupation, whether they were farmers or warriors, Vikings attached great importance to their rings.

Viking rings was mostly made of silver and gold. Most of the metals did not come from Scandinavia, but from foreign countries, acquired during raids and trade voyages. Silver was the most popular and preferred material for Viking rings, but other materials were also used. 

The Vikings love of rings was matched by an extraordinary creativity. Many of these were decorative and/or spiritual, while others were functional.

Here you will find a unique selection of Rings to adorn your fingers with depictions of ancient symbols and patterns inspired by Norse Mythology and Viking History. 

Viking rings were worn around the finger, as in most other civilizations, and were immensely popular among the Vikings; many rings have been discovered in Viking burials.

Most Viking rings were uneven in width, with the majority being open to allow for easy fitting on fingers of various sizes.