Collection: All Viking Bracelet

Collection: All Viking Bracelet



Bracelets & Arm Rings were popular among Vikings & Scandinavian People and would to indicate a High Level of Status.

Here you will find a great selection of Bracelets depicting timeless Norse Symbols and Patterns.

History of Viking Bracelets 

In public opinion, the Vikings are sometimes still depicted as ruthless looters. This is mainly due to (ecclesiastical) historical sources reporting their raids along churches and (riches of) monasteries. There is also another image of the Vikings, namely that they were peaceful colonists and energetic traders.

The gold and silver smiths of the Vikings were highly skilled in their craft. They mastered a whole range of techniques. This was true, for example, of braiding thick gold threads. They could also make fine, pliable necklaces and used interlaced coins for jewelry. They had an extensive repertoire of decorative motifs, with a penchant for images of animals.

Viking bracelets, also known as arm rings, were extremely popular in Viking culture and served as both ornaments and trade items, similar to neck rings.

Some of the arm bands were made of precious metals such as gold and silver and were quite elaborate and detailed. Arm rings were a display of wealth as well as a symbol of social status.

Arm rings made by the Vikings come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some were spiral, looping around the arm multiple times and making it simpler for the wearer to snatch a coin during a business transaction.

Other arm rings, which were barely long enough to wrap around three quarters of the arm and were the most common bands used as currency because they were simple and flat, making them easier to detach when needed, were the most common.