Fenrir Viking Leather Bracelet

Nordic Wolf Head Leather Bracelet

Declare your love of everything Viking by accessorizing your outfit with this Nordic Wolf Head Leather Bracelet!

The Nordic Wolf, as a spirit guide, is a symbol of loyalty and wisdom. Wearing our highly detailed, handmade Viking Wolf bracelet will give you clarity and self-confidence from your Spirit Guide, the Wolf.

The Fenrir Viking Leather Bracelet features a wolf's head as the centerpiece, which is a powerful symbol in Viking culture. The wolf was believed to be a protector and guide and was often associated with the god Odin. Wearing this bracelet is a way to honor your heritage and connect with your ancestors. It's also a reminder of the strength and courage that the Vikings were known for. The perfect gift for your Viking friends.


  • Material: Leather and zinc alloy
  • Length: 19.5-21.5cm
  • Online exclusive, not sold in stores
  • Safely packed and delivered

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Leather Bracelet Featuring Nordic Wolf Head 

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