Collection: Viking Jewelry

Collection: Viking Jewelry


Viking Jewelry Collection

When we think of the Vikings, we tend to associate them with weapons rather than jewelry. Norse burial sites and Viking hoards found throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and Ireland uncovered plenty of wonderful pieces of Viking jewelry for men and revealed the pride and care that the Vikings showed when it comes to self-adornment.

Much like Celtic jewelry, Viking jewelry were made to be strong and durable to endure the hardships of both battles and the field, since many Vikings were farmers. Used by both men (Viking jewelry for men) and women, Viking jewelry was intended to reflect the status of the wearer as well as the history, allegiances and beliefs of their household. Some pieces were also believed to have protective or magical powers.

A further common theme on Viking jewelry was Norse mythology and religious imagery. Lots of necklaces and bracelets featured depictions of ravens, which in Viking mythology were a symbol of war. These two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), are considered as the eyes and ears of Odin, the king of the gods and god of war. Thor's hammer Mjolnir also featured prominently, symbolizing the god's power over the forces of nature of thunder and lightning.

Nowadays modern replica Norse jewelry for men and women became very popular around the world as symbols of strength, power, and connection with the ancient ways.

History of Viking Jewelry

The Vikings used jewelry for reasons beyond the merely aesthetic. As always throughout history jewelry has been used as a symbol of wealth. But, in the case of the Vikings, like many other cultures, they also used them as a form of payment, that is, as currency to make payments for goods and services.

Viking jewelry could be fine, detailed and stylish when they wanted to reflect the wealth of the people. As it could be in the case of kings. But there was also coarse and thick jewelry, designed to withstand the heat of battle. In addition, they were used to show alliances and loyalty to their gods.

The Vikings were very fierce devoted and believed that, with their jewelry and amulets, they would have the gods on their side to win battles and wars. For this reason, they used to forge motifs of Thor's hammers in their pendants.

Evolution of Viking Jewelry

The Vikings used to take ideas from other places they conquered to make their jewelry. They always took them to their own territory giving them their own touch. They were very fond of animal motifs, such as snakes and wolves.

This civilization developed a new technique, known as chip cutting. It consisted of cutting the surface of a flat sheet of metal with a chisel to create a series of facets that caught the light and shone. Other techniques favored by him were filigree and embossing. Unlike their Barbarian contemporaries, the Vikings used stones sparingly.

We know Viking jewelry from pieces that have been found throughout history. The Vikings believed in heaven, which they called Valhalla. And it is for this reason that they buried their deceased full of jewelry and pieces that they considered they would need in their new life with the gods they worshiped in their earthly life.

Viking Jewelry inspired by Norse Myths

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