Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz is the thirteenth rune of the Norse alphabet. It is assigned the colors dark blue or black, like the colors of Odin's cloak.

It symbolizes the yew, whose wood is strong and yet extremely flexible. That's why bows were preferably made of yew wood in the past. Ullr, the Norse god of archery, is therefore associated with the yew tree, as is Odin. In Norse mythology, the yew tree is called "Yggdrasil," the world tree that connects the world of the living with the world of the dead.

In fact, there is hardly a tree more suitable for this purpose than the yew, which can live well over three thousand years and is one of the most poisonous trees in the world. Thus, it is considered a symbol of eternal life that conquers death.

According to legend, Odin hung on one of the branches "Yggdrasil" in search of wisdom and knowledge. He is said to have spent nine days and nights in this way before discovering the runes from the trunk of the yew tree.

Odin is considered a disciplined god, hard on himself and others. But at the same time he gives gifts to the worthy and knows how to enjoy. So it is certainly no coincidence that the rune Eihwaz is considered the rune of Odin.

Like no other rune, it also combines all these opposites, can be hard and flexible at the same time. Eihwaz stands for light and shadow, which could not be more opposite. And yet, one side can not exist without the other.

Origin and Meaning of the Eihwaz Rune

Since the rune Eihwaz is assigned to the world tree "Yggdrasil", it symbolizes the world column, is so to speak the link between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The vertical line represents the trunk, while the two hooks symbolize the connection to the respective worlds. Eihwaz gives the power to exchange and travel between these two worlds.

The rune gives deep insights into the mysteries of life and death, as well as far-reaching insights that manifest as visions. Eihwaz is like a gateway leading from the human world to the world of the dead and holds the key to all levels. It symbolizes the opposites of these two worlds, which are nevertheless so closely connected.

Eihwaz is a powerful protective rune, which represents great strength of resistance and determination. It gives the power to penetrate into other dimensions and gives enlightenment and clairvoyance.

At the same time it protects the innocent and repels everything negative. With it, it is possible to detect deceitful deceptions and neutralize harmful influences from outside. However, the intentions should always be pure and honest, otherwise the power of the rune could turn against those who want to use it unfairly. It is a powerful tool for those who seek wisdom and insight, as God Odin once did.

For spiritual work, the rune is of great importance and can be used in many ways, for example, as a healing rune. It is said to be able to strengthen physical and mental defenses. The heart and solar plexus are assigned to it, but also the spine - the trunk of the people, so to speak.

Since the rune gives the power to travel, it is possible with its help to look deep into the innermost of a person. Eihwaz brings deeply hidden things to light. It can bring clarity to the question of what one wants to achieve in life and where the personal journey should go. It uncovers fears and blockages that prevent one from achieving these goals.

It may be that you want something very badly, but at the same time you fear that you are not up to it. Maybe you unconsciously fall into the same patterns again and again, which you have already recognized, but for some reason cannot change. Here, too, Eihwaz helps you to look very closely and to face your inner demons.

For those who are willing to embark on this journey into their innermost being and are honestly ready to go new ways, Eihwaz represents a powerful ally. The rune helps to break down blockades and to take a new direction. It may be a hard road that demands many trials. You may meet people on the way who are not well-disposed towards you.

But Eihwaz is also the rune of defense and defense. It exhorts to vigilance. He who heeds the admonition will be prepared. Therefore, with its power it will be possible to ward off negativity and to master all trials, however difficult they may be. The success will then be all the more beautiful.

Fixed Eihwaz Rune Meaning

Eihwaz indicates a turning point in life. It is also considered a rune of transformation and heralds profound changes. The rune shows the true destiny of a person. It also indicates when talents are lying idle and could possibly be used more effectively. Those who are too attached to the old and are rather averse to new influences are clearly pointed out by Eihwaz.

But if one is ready to dare a new beginning, the rune stands with its whole strength and its protection to the side. With its help it is possible to let go of burdens and to separate from all negative things, in order to be able to start freely and carefree.

Reversed Eihwaz Rune Meaning

Similar to the tarot cards, many runes also have a reverse meaning. However, this only applies to runes that look different when they are reversed, since Eihwaz looks the same from both sides, the reversed meaning does not apply in this case.

Eihwaz Rune Properties

  • Alphabet: N, E
  • Element: Air
  • Symbol: The tree Yggdrasil
  • Interpretation: Balance, enlightenment, death, the tree of life and endurance
  • Stone: Hawk's Eye, Ruby, Turquoise
  • Tree: Yew, Ash
  • Flower: Lilac blossom
  • Herb: Mandrake, Raspberry
  • Animal: Honeybee, Snake
  • Color: Dark blue, turquoise blue, green
  • Body: Harmony of body, mind and soul
  • Scent: Basil, Opopanax
  • Tarot: The Hanged Man, The Tower
  • Astrology: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in 2nd house, Pluto, Mars
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