Norse Gods Thor And Odin Viking Beer Mug

Viking Thor And Odin Tankard Mug!

Pay Your Respect To The Norse Gods With This Beautifully Crafted Viking Mug!

This Viking Mug will complete your elegant drinkware collection! It is a solidly built mug designed with The Norse Gods Thor And Odin in intricate detail. 

Odin is the most important god in Norse mythology. He is the god of gods and is part of the pantheon of the Aesir. He is often depicted as an old, bearded, one-eyed man. He also has the ability to transform himself, while Thor is one of his sons and is known as the god of thunder, storm, strength, valor, agility, victory, fertility, warrior, and protector of men in the face of chaos. He uses lightning and has the power to calm or irritate storms. His colossal strength makes him a powerful warrior. And it is notably thanks to his attributes.

A generous-sized tankard, this Viking Beer Mug comes with an easy-to-clean food-grade stainless steel interior and a sturdy chunky handle that ensures no spillages.  

The external of the mug is made from strong resin and the end result is a realistic-looking product with a heft that feels excellent in your hand. It can be used to drink any of your favorite beverages, including beer, mead, ale, or any type of liquor you prefer.


  • Inside Material: Solid Stainless Steel
  • Outside Material: Resin
  • Capacity: About 650 ml (22 floz)
  • Weight: 785g
  • Safe for Drinking
  • Safe for Hot and Cold Water
  • Exquisitely Crafted
  • Safely packed and delivered

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Norse Gods Thor And Odin Viking Beer Mug

Care instruction:  It is recommended that you hand wash the collectible mug. Do not use it in the microwave.

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