Bragi | Norse Mythology

Bragi | Norse Mythology

Bragi is a deity of the Norse pantheon, son of Odin and the giantess Gunlod (or Odin and Frigg according to other versions). He is the god of poetry and the Bards.

He was Odin's personal poet and also one of the wisest Æsir. He was the first who knew how to compose poetry and the one who did it best. Since then, people who excelled in poetry were nicknamed Bragi. He is also known as the god with the slanting beard.

Bragi is in charge in Valhalla of handing out the cup of welcome to newcomers and welcoming them with courteous words. He also livens up Valhalla by chanting poems.

He is the husband of Idunn, one of the most important goddesses of the Norse pantheon, as she possesses the apples of youth, which are of great importance to Asgard as the Æsir must take this fruit to not grow old.


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