Forseti | Norse Mythology

Forseti | Norse Mythology

Forseti (Old Norse "he who presides", now "president" in modern Icelandic and Faroese) is the Aesir god of justice, peace and truth in Norse mythology. He is the son of Baldr and Nanna. His home was Glitnir, meaning shining, referring to the silver roof of the hall and its golden pillars, from which radiated light that could be seen from a great distance.

Forseti was considered the wisest and most eloquent of the gods of Asgard. In contrast to his fellow god Tyr, who presided over the bloody affairs of worldly law, Forseti presided over disputes by settling them through mediation.

He sat in his hall, dispensing justice to those who sought it, and was said to always be able to provide a solution that all parties considered just. Like his father Balder, he was a gentle god and favored peace so that all those judged by him could live in safety as long as they carried out their sentence. Forseti was so respected that only the most solemn oaths were pronounced in his name.

He is not mentioned as a combatant in Ragnarök, so it is assumed that as god of peace he refrained from battle.

He is believed to have been the elder god or ancestor of the Frisians.


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