Hodr | Norse Mythology

Hodr | Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Hodr also known as the blind one, is an Aesir god and the brother of Baldr and thus the son of Odin.

After Baldr had dreamed of his death, his mother Frigg took an oath from every animal, plant and object not to kill her son. Only mistletoe did not have to take an oath because it seemed so inconspicuous to her. The gods then had fun throwing all kinds of objects at Baldr, but everything kept the oath.

Loki instigated the blind Hödur to throw at Baldr as well and handed him a sprig of mistletoe. Hit by it, Baldr sank dead to the ground, whereupon his just born half-brother Vali took revenge on Hödr. After Ragnarok, Baldr and Hodr returned from the realm of the dead Helheim and took up residence in Valhalla in the new world.


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