Jord | Norse Mythology

Jord | Norse Mythology

Jörd (Old Norse. jǫrð "earth") is the earth goddess in Norse mythology.

She is mother of the thunder god Thor through Odin and daughter of Nótt and Ánarr. Otherwise, she no longer plays a role in mythology, but bears several names: Fjörgyn, Fold, Grund and Hlóðyn. The latter name already appears on five Roman-period votive stones from Lower Germania and Beetgum in Friesland as Hludana.

The name Fjörgyn, on the other hand, belongs to Old English firgen and Gothic fairguni "mountains" and further to the ancient name of the German Mittelgebirge (Celt. Hercynia silva, Old High German: Virgunnea). In addition, the Nordic mythology knows a male god Fjörgynn, who is the father of the goddess Frigg.

Although this name corresponds etymologically exactly to the name of the Baltic thunder god Perkunas, the connection remains hidden. A probably independent development from an old word for oak is suspected.

The name Fold is also found in Anglo-Saxon tradition as Folde, fira módor ("earth, the mother of men") in the Anglo-Saxon Flursegen.

A few lines later she is called Erce, ("Erce, earth mother"). The name seems to be of Indo-European origin.


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