Skoll and Hati | Norse Mythology


Skoll and Hati are two wolves in Norse mythology that chases the sun and the moon (Sol and Mani).

The origin of the name Skoll is given in literature as "shadow", "striker", "mocker" or "deceiver". Hati means "hatred" or "enemy".

According to the Edda, they descend from the wolf Fenrir and the giantess Gyge, who gave birth to them in the forest Jarnwid. 

Skoll and Hati at Ragnarok

Skoll chases the sun chariot of the sun goddess Sol across the sky and thus drives the sun to haste. During a solar eclipse, he comes dangerously close to the sun.  Hati chases the chariot of the moon god Mani across the sky and thus drives the moon to haste. On the day of the end of the world (Ragnarok) the wolves will catch up with the hunted and devour them and plunge the world in complete darkness.