Utgard Loki | Norse Mythology

Utgard Loki | Norse Mythology

Utgardloki is a giant in Norse mythology. His name is a combination of the terms Utgard and Loki, from which the seat and character are already revealed.

He rules the castle of Utgard and acts as cunningly as the god Loki. The meeting of Utgardloki and Thor describes Snorri in the 13th century in the Gylfaginning as follows:

When Thor went with Loki, Thialfi and Röskwa to Utgard, they first met Utgardloki in the form of the giant Skrymir. After arriving at his hall, Thor and his companions were challenged to competitions. Loki could not keep up with Logi in the eating contest.

Thialfi was defeated in the race by Hugi. Thor tried in vain to drink a drinking horn empty, lost in a wrestling match against the nurse Elli and struggled in vain to lift a cat.

Only the next day Utgardloki revealed his deception to the remorseful Thor. Logi was the devouring wildfire, which consumed not only the food in the trough, but also all the bones and the trough itself. Hugi was the windy thought that Thialfi could not catch.

Thor's drinking horn was connected to the sea at the other end, so it could not be emptied. Nurse Elli was the age that no one could bend yet, and the cat lying on the ground was nothing but the Midgard Serpent itself.

Although Thor could not master the tests imposed on him, Utgardloki was frightened by his strength and revealed to him that in the future he would provide his castle with deception and dazzle so that Thor would never find it again.

Thor was enraged when he heard how he had been fooled, and raised his hammer to slay Utgardloki. But both he and his castle suddenly disappeared before Thor's strike.


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