Mani | Norse Mythology

Mani | Norse Mythology

Mani (Old Norse Máni "moon") is the god of the moon in Norse mythology.

He is a son of the giant Mundilfari and brother of the sun goddess Sol. Because Mundilfari named his children after the sun and moon because of their beauty, the gods appointed them as charioteers of these stars.

Mani therefore travels across the sky in a chariot drawn by horses. His companions are Bil ("the waning one") and Hjuki ("the one coming to strength"), the two children of Vidfinnr.

Mani took the two to himself when they came from the well Byrgir. They hold the bucket Sägr (Old Norse Sægr) and the rod Simul in their hands and can be seen as moon spots in the moon.

The crew is constantly pursued by the wolf Hati ("hatred"). On the day of the end of the world (Ragnarok) the wolf will catch up with it and devour the moon.


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