Viking Necklace - Aegishjalmur-Runes


The Aegishjalmur (also known as the Helm of Awe) is a magical stave known as a symbol of protection an victory.

It consists of 8 branches, reminiscent of radiant tridents, which are arranged around a central point.

The central point can be interpreted the object to be protected, with the tridents being the offensive means of this protection.

  • Authentically Handcrafted Viking Necklace
  • Size: 
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
Our Viking Necklaces and pendants for men and women are remarkable works of art with abstract and geometric designs reminiscent of nature and mythological animals. Vikings often wore necklaces as tokens of their faith or amulets to concentrate magical powers and ward off mischief. This collection includes exact reproductions of ancient Viking jewelry, as well as more modern pieces inspired by ancient legends.

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