Kenaz Rune

Kenaz Rune

The rune Kenaz is the sixth one of the older Futhark. Its characteristic resembles a torch: the light illuminates the darkness, which stands not only physically, but especially from a spiritual point of view for knowledge in the form of inspiration, vision, revelation and creativity.

Kenaz is associated with the Norse goddess of love, Freya. It symbolizes the positive components of human libido and sexual passion. Kenaz stands for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge bringing fire. It is the mirror of consciousness and embodies the positive aspects of lust and sexual love on a human level.

The use of Kenaz also shows one's own sunny and dark sides, but also gives clear thoughts and warmth of love. Fierce feelings come to the person seeking advice. In addition, Kenaz gives a bit of enlightenment and brings light into the darkness.

The inner voice, a sudden idea leads to the surprising solution of a problem. Kenaz makes the once hidden answer appear clearly, it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Origin and Meaning of the Kenaz Rune

The name Kenaz is common in the variations Kano, Keno, Cen, Ken, Kaun and Kennan. The word Kenaz in the old English and German language is interpreted with understanding, knowing, knowledge. 

Kenaz represents the positive sides of enthusiasm, flaming interest and human passion in love matters. Fun Fact: the Turkish male name Kenan associates the same qualities. Some idioms express emblematically the qualities of the rune Kenaz: Gaining enlightenment, putting something in the right light, illuminating a problem.

The rune is associated with the Norse goddess Freya. Femininity and female intuition is often associated more with the function of the right hemisphere of the brain. This kind of knowledge does not come through conscious effort, but intuitively or passively. The solution falls into your lap by opening yourself to it.

This is often referred to as "a woman's intuition," although men have the same abilities but focus more on the left brain mentality. Knowledge is power and this means taking responsibility. Kenaz asks you to use your knowledge only for positive purposes.

The Kenaz rune also represents the flaming passion of sexual attraction. You can think of it like this: A person carrying a torch represents the male elements of fire and air. He enters the cave and penetrates the female realm of earth and water.

This blending of masculine and feminine elements leads to the creation of the new from a spiritual perspective. Earth and water temper energy of fire, which can be well symbolized by forging steel.

The rune Kenaz symbolizes the phoenix fire. A new beginning comes about through transformation of old things and beliefs that have become worthless. In physical terms, the application of fire to steel symbolizes pure Kenaz energy. Water, when annealed, mitigates the fire power. The resulting synthesis gives the steel new form in the long run.

Kenaz stands for the flame of the forge, the deep earth energies and the volcano. Regeneration is the name of the game. The controlled flame of the craftsman and artist has the power to create and destroy. This is the pure elemental power of creation, as it generates life force through fire and ice in Norse mythology.

A creative way to bring light into the darkness is through the transmission of knowledge. Enlightenment paves the way for personal inner explorations that give rise to hope and motivation - casually put, it is the igniting idea that brings decisive progress to a project. Light that illuminates dark places promises regeneration and creates a new exciting reality.

The message of the rune Kenaz is that what you send out comes back to you in the future in ways you never imagined. Clearly stated, it describes karma, the law of cause and effect.

Fixed Kenaz Rune Meaning

The rune Kenaz leads you to develop self-confidence. Open yourself mentally to go around obstacles on the path of life at a moderate pace. The opening begins with a tiny gap that widens more and more. Don't be afraid of coming to harm. There is only so much coming at you that you can handle.

In love, a new relationship may begin or the entrenched partnership may flare up again through sexual stimulation. If Kenaz lies next to Hagalaz, Ingwaz or Berkana, the wish for a baby can come true. The rune indicates stable health. In a time of stagnation, the positive energy of the rune turns the situation for the better.

Draw a line under a tricky situation and start something new. Perhaps you will discover your creative streak? If Kenaz is located near Raidho, Ansuz, Algiz or Perthro, start an artistic hobby or develop your skills in manual work, success is certain for you!

Reversed Kenaz Rune Meaning

If Kenaz is the other way around, a darkening in a situation or relationship is to be expected. Friendships may break up, a serious marriage crisis is looming, or some aspects in your environment are no longer appropriate. Negative influences, the bitter end of an illusion, despair and mendacity may cloud your life in the near future.

An offer may be withdrawn or loss of standard of living may be indicated. Material limitations loom in conjunction with Isa, Nauthiz or Othala in reverse. The otherwise bubbling creativity is as if burned out, blockages inhibit your progress.

The rune in inverted position urges you to learn from failures and take other paths. There are enough possibilities open to you. Listen carefully and observe what is happening around you.

Take stock of your situation. Don't forget about learning and moving forward above all the everyday problems. Do not sink into self-pity when illnesses and physical ailments arise. The rune advises you to accept changes. Refrain from handling things the old way when a new vision is overdue.

Kenaz Rune Properties

  • Alphabet: K
  • Element: Fire
  • Symbol: Fire, Torch, Mirror
  • Interpretation: Vision, creativity, inspiration, light, improvement, vitality
  • Stone: Bloodstone, Garnet, Amethyst
  • Tree: Willow, pine, spruce, dog rose
  • Flower: Yolk flower
  • Medicinal herb: Marigold, St. John's wort
  • Animal: Snake, Goose
  • Color: Orange to light red
  • Body: Genital area, digestive organs
  • Scent: Sandalwood
  • Tarot: The Chariot, The Lovers
  • Astrology: Relationship between Venus and Mars, Venus, Gemini

Runic Alphabet

Fehu ᚠ Uruz ᚢ Thurisaz ᚦ Ansuz ᚨ
Raidho ᚱ Kenaz ᚲ Gebo ᚷ Wunjo ᚹ
Hagalaz ᚺ Naudhiz ᚾ Isa ᛁ Jera ᛃ
Eihwaz ᛇ Perthro ᛈ Algiz ᛉ Sowilo ᛋ
Tiwaz ᛏ Berkana ᛒ Ehwaz ᛖ Mannaz ᛗ
Laguz ᛚ Ingwaz ᛜ Dagaz ᛞ Othala ᛟ



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