Naudhiz Rune

Naudhiz Rune

The rune Naudhiz combines opposing aspects. It represents the imbalance between what you want to have and what you actually need. To separate the wants from the needs is the true art. If you want to appear strong, you have to know your weaknesses. 

If you face your weaknesses and work to turn them into strength, you have understood the lesson. To fulfill your desire, you must first go through the opposite of what you want to have. Naudhiz is the teacher that teaches patience and analysis.

Naudhiz symbolizes the need to achieve something on one's own life path. The pattern of our pre-weaved path, in the Germanic understanding of fate, we can change ourselves through our deeds.

Naudhiz is the rune of fate, the power that arises in burning adversity and the power of resistance and active mourning. It contains both misery and redemption.

The seeker of advice should examine himself for a moment and try to separate his real needs from his own desires. It is important to trust fate, because fate leads everyone to what he really needs.

Origin and Meaning of the Naudhiz Rune

Naudhiz is in the tenth rune of the Futhark alphabet and it is the second rune of the second Aett.

It concerns hardship and deprivation as well as resistance from this situation. It invites the questioner to consciously resist by mobilizing positive energy. Naudhiz harbors cosmic forces and it possesses a special creative power that shapes the destiny of man.

In connection with the rune is Skuld, the youngest of the Norn sisters. These industrious beings make the web of Wyrd - they are the weavers of what will be - the future.

Naudhiz represents "need" in all its forms, from the basic need for food and shelter to the need for personal fulfillment. "Need breeds creativity". If you are currently in need and you know and understand those needs, you can always find a way to fulfill those needs. Whether you get what you want depends on your actions to get them.

Nied, Nyd Nauths, Naudhr are the alternative names of the rune Naudhiz. The word has come to be known in English as "Need". Naudhiz is a signpost for the future.

The rune lets you know what will happen if you ignore or react to specific needs. Recognizing this imbalance can be revealing: it leads you to examine priorities and values closely and then make the most of them.

This creates the motivation to return to the right spiritual path and know that you are living your true self. Act and live according to what makes you happiest and most fulfilled. Naudhiz stands for desires that become attainable through a positive attitude towards the necessary hardships.

Conflicts can be overcome by sheer willpower, enduring delays, fears and limitations. The Naudhiz rune is an agent for your 'Wyrd', depending on the urgency of your desire. Naudhiz is the stale memory. The feeling in it is not as it should be. Life can't run in sync, things don't go according to plan and nothing goes right.

What you have is never enough and there is the ever-present desire for something more or better. Naudhiz forces you to confront and acknowledge this dissatisfaction. Use this starting point as motivation for change. The events of the past exert their effect on in the present.

Past actions catch up with us and try to limit future actions. With this insight, however, we can learn our lessons not only from our own mistakes, but also from the mistakes and successes of others.

Action governed by Naudhiz is rooted in common sense. Those who are able to grasp original causes of a phenomenon can also foresee the consequences once they begin to ferment.

Take advantage of fate instead of acting against it. Certainly, there is a compulsion behind it to endure inconvenience. The point is to perceive the deeper meaning behind it.

The more discipline you show, the faster you will reach the goal. It is not about piling up more blockages through restrictions, but about recognizing what a certain event was good for.

Naudhiz provides a course correction when desires receive more attention than true needs. The more headwinds you conquer, the greater your progress will be.

Fixed Naudhiz Rune Meaning

If Naudhiz falls in a reading, difficulties will come your way. But remember that the rune gives them clues to achieve personal growth. Unfortunately, some questioners do not recognize the need and take refuge in lethargy or occupy themselves with things that do not bring them forward.

Others become workaholics, thus pushing their situation out of their thoughts. The rune advises to face the difficulties and fears and to think precisely about each step, because you may not have the strength and the means to make a second attempt.

Concentrate and keep calm so as not to waste resources. Naudhiz also indicates the needs on an emotional level that make your life difficult. It is a difficult phase, from which you need to learn.

Getting through the hard time together makes them closer with their partner, colleagues and other people. Necessity sharpens the view for the essential or "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Reversed Naudhiz Rune Meaning

If Naudhiz appears reversed, this is an indication that you are following a wrong path. If you stick to it, you must expect failure. If you have already progressed in this unfavorable direction, be honest and acknowledge mistakes.

Stop and take stock to save what can be saved. In conjunction with the rune Jera, you are currently experiencing the effect of past mistakes coming back to haunt you.

If you ignore the warnings and continue down the wrong path undiscerningly, a major event will eventually occur to force justice. Naudhiz reminds you to bring order to chaos, sort out and resume the clear line to the goal.

Stop straining against external constraints, you will otherwise become more and more entangled in the threads of fate. It will get you nowhere to deny anything in particular.

Let go, because only in this way will you find your way back to the right path.

Naudhiz Rune Properties

  • Alphabet: N
  • Element: Fire
  • Symbol: Resisting forces
  • Interpretation: Fate, destiny, limitation, conflict, willpower, endurance and self-confidence.
  • Stone: Emerald, Malachite, Amber
  • Tree: Weeping ash, beech
  • Flower: Crocus
  • Herb: Dandelion, meadow knotweed
  • Animal: Lynx
  • Color: Light green, brown, black
  • Body: Psyche, heart, nerves, immune system
  • Scent: Benzoin, Hemp
  • Tarot: Justice, The Devil
  • Astrology: Moon in Scorpio, Sun in 2nd house, Capricorn, Libra

Runic Alphabet

Fehu ᚠ Uruz ᚢ Thurisaz ᚦ Ansuz ᚨ
Raidho ᚱ Kenaz ᚲ Gebo ᚷ Wunjo ᚹ
Hagalaz ᚺ Naudhiz ᚾ Isa ᛁ Jera ᛃ
Eihwaz ᛇ Perthro ᛈ Algiz ᛉ Sowilo ᛋ
Tiwaz ᛏ Berkana ᛒ Ehwaz ᛖ Mannaz ᛗ
Laguz ᛚ Ingwaz ᛜ Dagaz ᛞ Othala ᛟ



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