Perthro Rune

Perthro Rune

The rune Perthro is considered very mysterious. It is assigned to the P letter, but this sound does not exist in the Germanic language. Therefore, it is assumed that this rune comes from another country. There is a lot of disagreement, because even in literature there is not much to find about Perthro. However, it is clear what the rune symbolizes: a cauldron. It contains secrets that he guards and protects deep inside.

Pertho expresses the element of chance. Accordingly, actions committed in the past, of whatever nature, will affect the present and also the future. Pertho is the power of birth and the source of wisdom, joy and security.

It is the birth rune and the sign of universal laws and creative power on all levels. The seeker of advice must accept this coincidence and for this purpose give his life into the hands of fate. For the future this means that success is imminent, but nevertheless no risk should be taken.

Origin and Meaning of the Perthro Rune

Nevertheless, at some point the time has come to bring the hidden to light and to reveal the secrets. This bringing forth of the hidden points to a second level of interpretation - the birth. That is why Perthro is also represented in body language with the help of the embryonic position.

The rune says that something new will come into being. The level of interpretation of birth is accompanied by another female power, namely divination. Past actions have a direct effect on the present. It is necessary to accept the fate and to be guided by it.

The image of the cauldron stands not only for protection, but also magic in reference to a witch's cauldron. Again, this shows the connection with femininity. He can also be seen as a pregnancy belly. The inside of the cauldron is not yet completed. It still needs some time until its content can be brought to light. Until then, it is kept as a secret.

However, a look into the witch's cauldron can also provide information about things to come. Here, magic again plays an important role. Wisdom is brewed in the cauldron. In summary, the rune Perthro stands for protection, security, creation and also coincidence.

Perthro shows you that it is time to think more carefully about the future and define goals. However, this is only pure planning, actions should not follow yet. Create different possible scenarios in your head and play them out as accurately as possible.

Devote yourself also to things from the past and relive formative moments. Create images as accurate as possible to get a realistic idea of the future, and dare to let go of the past and move on. You will succeed and develop personally. Success is not based on material things, but rather on inner values and personal development. Detach yourself from material goods and consider what really counts in life.

If the rune Perthro is placed, work is ahead. Reflect on your own personality and rethink your inner attitude. Who do you see when you look in the mirror? It's time for personal development based on the things you value most about yourself.

Do some soul-searching and consider whether you are on the right path. You are at a crossroads and need to decide which direction you want to take now. You now have the opportunity to reshape your life and take a new path, so think about it in detail and decide wisely. If you decide to take the right path, you will develop and surpass yourself.

Perthro shows you that you should reflect on the path you have taken in life so far. It is time to free yourself from old burdens in order to be able to live carefree. Learn to let go and a future full of freedom and opportunities to develop awaits you. However, in doing so, you also give up security, but learn to face your fears and react to problems with composure.

Fixed Perthro Rune Meaning

The Perthro rune stands for the hidden and secret and also for occult actions. If it is placed upright, something that has been hidden for a long time will finally reveal itself. Secrets will be revealed that can bring both good and bad to light. Perthro symbolizes the unexpected. It is possible that a surprise is in store.

If the runes Gebo, Hagalaz or Thurisaz were also placed, a windfall could be imminent, though undeserved. The combination may also mean a gift. Be critical and question what the giver wants to achieve with it. If it is about emotional matters, Perthro shows a strong sexual attraction.

In combination with Keno, Tiwaz or Uruz, your relationship will be limited only to sexual. If the entire reading in which Perthro appears is to be interpreted negatively, it may indicate an impending illness that you will have a hard time dealing with. A cure is complicated and lengthy. However, the rune may also show you that you have a strong intuition or even occult abilities.

Reversed Perthro Rune Meaning

If Perthro is laid in reverse, then an obstacle awaits you. Your hopes will not be fulfilled and unpleasant surprises are just around the corner. Are you guarding a dark secret? Then this will most likely find its way to the light now.

Your past catches up with you and things that you have kept secret or even suppressed to such an extent that you have already forgotten them, find their way back into your life. They bring complications and potential for conflict.

The reversed Perthro Rune always means caution. Dishonesty will now be punished and you will be disappointed. These do not necessarily have to be disappointments on a personal level. They can also be financial, which is why you should not borrow money, lend it yourself or invest it.

Especially if friends or acquaintances are involved, you should keep your hands off the corresponding money transactions. The reversed Perthro Rune can also have negative effects on your love life. In addition, refrain from all experimental and occult activities.

Perthro Rune Properties

  • Alphabet: P
  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: Pen or cauldron
  • Interpretation: Fate, chance, mystery and carelessness
  • Stone: Meteorite stone, gold topaz, aquamarine
  • Tree: Blackthorn, Beech
  • Flower: Daisy, Chrysanthemum
  • Herb: Monkshood, Dandelion
  • Animal: Frog
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Body: The lust for life in the physical sense
  • Scent: Yew needles
  • Tarot: The Wheel of Destiny, The court
  • Astrology: Mercury in Leo, Saturn in the 7th house, Saturn, Pluto

Runic Alphabet

Fehu ᚠ Uruz ᚢ Thurisaz ᚦ Ansuz ᚨ
Raidho ᚱ Kenaz ᚲ Gebo ᚷ Wunjo ᚹ
Hagalaz ᚺ Naudhiz ᚾ Isa ᛁ Jera ᛃ
Eihwaz ᛇ Perthro ᛈ Algiz ᛉ Sowilo ᛋ
Tiwaz ᛏ Berkana ᛒ Ehwaz ᛖ Mannaz ᛗ
Laguz ᛚ Ingwaz ᛜ Dagaz ᛞ Othala ᛟ



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