Fehu Rune

Fehu Rune

Wealth, power and abundance - the Fehu rune is related to fertility, possessions, potential and fulfillment on a firm foundation. Fehu promises returns through work done and creative ambitions realized. Successful progress of a project ensures nourishment, stability and growth. Fehu calls for the appreciation of hard work and profit.

Fehu is the first rune within the runic symbolism. It stands for the abundance. From its appearance, it is said to embody the horns of a cow or an ox. In the original sense, it symbolized material wealth, usually in the form of cattle.

In modern times, however, Fehu stands not only for material wealth, but also for spiritual wealth. Fehu is considered a rune of fertility and thus can predict an actual or symbolic birth. Fehu also stands for energy and creativity and is the mystery of wealth and thus has power in our society with money and gold.

Origin and meaning of the Fehu rune

The symbol of the rune Fehu represents cattle horns. In its historical meaning, this rune refers to "cattle". Owning cattle provides its owner with the basis for further expansion and strengthening.

One who owns cattle ensures that there will be enough meat for the family. Cattle could alternatively be sold or traded for other necessities and desires.

In ancient times, owning cattle meant that this person understood how to make sound decisions. In ancient times, owning cattle gave a louder voice to social status within the community. Selling cattle brought immediate money.

Sharing or lending cattle to others brought interest in return. This interest would increase wealth in the form of more cattle or the payment of a fee.

Even to our ancestors, the accumulation of wealth, if honorably obtained, was a positive thing. It ensured survival, as wealth in its purest sense is a steady food supply.

Livestock ensures financial security, which in turn provides the comfort needed at all levels. In modern times, Fehu stands more for wealth of a spiritual nature, but also for fertility, which can herald a birth.

Fehu is also called Fay-Who, Feoh, Faíhu, Foeh and Fé in variations. The words "cattle" and "feed" for "feeding" are evident. The rune basically describes movable property and new beginnings. Over time, the meaning of livestock shifted to money and gold. From the lending of oxen and cattle arose the synonym for fee "Fee".

Spiritual meaning of Fehu 

Since breeding produces more cattle, Fehu also represents the concept of "money makes more money." However, the power of this wealth is also to be used to meet the needs of others. Feeding others in a figurative sense yields wealth of a spiritual nature: knowledge is power.

The message of Fehu is the seed to be planted to reap the rewards. It is also the money in the bank with which the owner fulfills his desires and needs. Fehu has the ability, but not the action.

The potential creative energies are brought to bear by each individual to create wealth at all necessary levels.

By working toward set goals, you can build a career, take continuing education courses, or take the plunge into self-employment. In relationship matters, the potential partner is thoroughly scrutinized, whether he or she keeps the money together or comes from a wealthy background.

In spiritual terms, true wealth is not based on the accumulation of material values, but on mental development. You are entitled to the equivalent of profit for money and goods anyway, but the real profit is to be happy and satisfied even without hoarding material values. The moment you stop chasing capital, you get everything you have actually always wanted:

Self-realization, contentment and inner balance. Everything else pales against these priceless values. Unnecessary luxuries are suddenly perceived as ballast.

The circulation of power, wealth and the mobility of all things is the main aspect of the rune Fehu. These are associated with new beginnings, but remember that there are no real new beginnings or endings, only the conscious signs of transformation.

On a spiritual level, Fehu refers to the process of creating abundance and prosperity of the soul. Your accumulated happiness forms the basis for the wealth and power in your life. Don't forget to share your positive values with others. Spreading a good philosophy also nourishes and fulfills other people.

Fixed Fehu Rune Meaning

Fehu in the reading stands for achieved goals. It is meant the earned money, but also a successful career, social status and material security. The rune represents the success that will occur in the near future, which does not always have to do with material values. What kind of reward is coming your way can be interpreted from the surrounding runes.

In connection with Gebo and Berkana personal relationships grow. If Raido is nearby, a trip will bring significant improvement - perhaps moving to another city from where a lucrative job offer has come.

The connection with Othala points to an inheritance or a will. Stay on this path and follow through. If Fehu is surrounded by negative runes, it is advisable to secure what has been achieved so far.

Reversed Fehu Rune Meaning

If Fehu appears in an inverted position, you should strive for inner balance. The rune indicates low self-esteem or immature judgment. Other aspects due to careless use of possessions are waste and loss, failure, discord and cowardice. Stinginess is harmful, as is acting recklessly to increase one's possessions. Fehu reminds you to question the exploitation of power.

Furthermore, Fehu may indicate mental problems for which no solution seems in sight. It feels that you are experiencing failure in everything you start. You may fear financial problems because you have lost something of your own doing.

A number of critical situations arise that reveal a detrimental material view of wealth and possessions. You carry great wealth, but emotional imbalance obscures the good virtues. The reversed Fehu Rune offers you the opportunity to recognize and reevaluate deficiencies.

Fehu Rune Moon Cycle

In today's society, it is important that we recognize what is truly valuable. Wealth is a creative process, not a static and measurable mass.

Waxing Moon: In this phase Fehu attracts luck and prosperity. It prevents the loss of money.

Waning Moon: Fehu slows down people and situations that want to prevent you from making money.

Fehu Rune Properties

  • Alphabet: F
  • Element: Fire
  • Symbol: Herd of cattle, livestock
  • Interpretation: Prosperity, wealth, abundance, success, security, fertility
  • Stone: Fire garnet, moss agate
  • Tree: Elder
  • Flower: Lily
  • Medicinal herb: Nettle
  • Animal: Wild boar, snake, hawk
  • Color: Fire red
  • Body: Locomotor system
  • Scent: Myrrh
  • Tarot: The Tower, The Magician
  • Astrology: Sun in Aries, Moon in 7th house, Mercury, Aries

Runic Alphabet

Fehu ᚠ Uruz ᚢ Thurisaz ᚦ Ansuz ᚨ
Raidho ᚱ Kenaz ᚲ Gebo ᚷ Wunjo ᚹ
Hagalaz ᚺ Naudhiz ᚾ Isa ᛁ Jera ᛃ
Eihwaz ᛇ Perthro ᛈ Algiz ᛉ Sowilo ᛋ
Tiwaz ᛏ Berkana ᛒ Ehwaz ᛖ Mannaz ᛗ
Laguz ᛚ Ingwaz ᛜ Dagaz ᛞ Othala ᛟ




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